Industrial & Commercial Applications

Offering Quality Products and Excellent service 

Thermal Control Products is a fabricator and distributor of high temperature thermal and protective products for industrial and commercial applications.  

These applications include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • Automotive and Commercial Transportation
  • Power Generation and Oil Exploration
  • Marine
  • Automated Assembly
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding
  • Sound Abatement

Depending on your requirement, our application engineers can develop and implement a high performance solution that meets and/or exceeds your requirements.  Our products are utilized in extreme heat and abrasion type applications as well as sound abatement.


Thermal Control Products has developed a reputation of quality and service that is second to none, recognized throughout the automotive racing industry as well as our current commercial and industrial clientele.


Thermal Control Products ensures the correct materials are used for each custom application and at times, over engineers the part to insure superior performance and extended longevity.


Our focus is to solve the problem with the most cost effective methods available to your organization whilst exceeding your expectations.  


To assist in your solution TCP offers onsite design and consultation.


Please contact an application engineer at Thermal Control for solutions regarding your industrial  / commercial requirements. 



 Product Application View


Complete exhaust wrap system including turbo, pipe, and muffler pictured on the left. Muffler exhaust wrap pictured individually below. 
 Our exhaust wrap systems are able to handle temperatures up to 1800 degrees.  




Zero Clearance heat shield utilizing our Steel Rule Die Cut Machine for precision custom cuts.  The Zero Clearance has a PSA adhesive backing so it can be adhered to an application without being bolted.  







Stainless steel mesh is placed on the interior of this muffler wrap.  The mesh provides better air flow and durability.  




This Engine Manifold Wrap is designed for a precise fit utilizing straps. The exterior material on the manifold is also easy to wipe down. 








Custom is our specialty.  This custom quilted exhaust pipe wrap was designed for a yacht. 





Utilizing straps and flaps for a tight fit, this Muffler Wrap is constructed with high temperature in mind. 






Personal Protection Clothing is needed in many industries.  This water repellant suit is made out of anti-fading material with reflective stripes for visability. Aluminized kevlar is included on the inside of the suit for cut and blast protection.